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Neural, Cricket, Tree, Crow review, by Aurelio Cianciotta, March 24, 2014 [link]

The Field Reporter, Cricket, Tree, Crow review, by Chris Whitehead, March 13, 2014 [link]


Impose, "Don't Look at the Exit Sign," by Scott Hunter, July 15, 2013 [pdf] [link]

The Wall Street Journal - Live Mint, "Sounding Out," by Shreya Ray, February 4, 2013 [pdf]

Time Out Delhi, "Three Questions with Alexis Bhagat," by Sonam Joshi, February 1, 2013 [pdf]


Vice, "This Summer, Check Out Some Synthsational Festivals," by Kristen Yoonsoo Kim [pdf]

The New York Times, "In Digital Era, a Throwback to Analog: 'Source of Uncertainty,' Featuring Morton Subotnick, at Schimmel Center," by Allan Kozinn, July 8, 2012 [pdf]

SPIN, "Source of Uncertainty Brings Modular Madness to New York," by Philip Sherburne, May 23, 2012 [pdf]


The Wall Street Journal, "Playing it Safe at the Unsound Festival," by Steve Dollar, April 2, 2011 [pdf]

URB, "Unsound Festival New York Presents: Cinema for the Ear," March 24, 2011 [pdf]