SOUND OFF concert series returns & more news from ((audience)) - Spring 2015

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Subject: SOUND OFF concert series returns & more news from ((audience)) - Spring 2015
Date: April 7th 2015

Dear Friends & Supporters,

Happy Spring! 

2014 was a hibernation year for ((audience))...but it's been a momentous one for us. One of us -- Alexis -- had a beautiful baby girl, Nadia (!) and one of us -- Lauren -- passed the qualifying exam for her doctorate (!). We were busy nonetheless last year, putting the finishing touches on our beautiful new website, just in time for our grand reawakening event, Paralektronoia, hosted in connection with The New School last December. You'll find a summary of recent goings-on and coming-soons below, including announcements about Sound Off. Our 5th Annual Sound Off salon series will kick off with LoVid and Telecult Powers on Saturday, April 18. We missed you, and look forward to seeing you this year.

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This year ((audience)) will present its 5th Annual Sound Off series with three expanded performance events hosted at Alwan for the Arts, 16 Beaver Street. The opening event of our 2015 series on Saturday, April 18, 2015 features psychedelic noise and visuals by Telecult Powers and LoVid (Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus). Using homemade electronic devices and DIY sculptural instruments, LoVid overwhelms the senses with new media in their audiovisual performances. Telecult Powers (Mister Matthews and Witchbeam) perform dark, rhythmic drone meditations.

Saturday, April 18, 2015 - 7-10pm
Doors and reception: 7pm
LoVid: 8pm
Telecult Powers: 9:15pm

Alwan for the Arts
16 Beaver Street, 4th Floor

Event Page

Sound Off takes place from April to June 2015 at 16 Beaver Street in Lower Manhattan and will also feature performances by Gill Arno and the Detroit Phonographers Union (Thursday, May 21) and Lary 7, Sarah Halpern, and Joe Grimm (Thursday, June 18). It takes place in a simple loft: no stage, no curtain, and little distance between audience and performer. 

This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in Partnership with the City Council.


After a quiet year, a few important events marked our reawakening in December 2014:

With a generous grant from the New York State Council on the Art’s Media Arts Assistance Fund, administered by Wave Farm, we were able to hire the talented Perry Garvin Studio to consult on a complete overhaul of our website and create a preliminary design. We are in great company: Perry Garvin Studio has also created websites for cultural organizations including the High Line, the Perlman Music Program, PERFORMA, the Baryshnikov Arts Center and the International Contemporary Ensemble.

Our new website is more secure and allows us to stream video and audio from YouTube, Vimeo and Soundcloud, among other sites; highlight the artists we present; maintain an online shop (coming soon!); and better integrate with social media.

Explore the new site!


Felix Kubin

To mark our reawakening, we hosted a two-day festival of radio, co-organized by John Roach, The School of Media Studies and Parsons Urban, at The New School. The event explored the relationship between electricity, paranoia and the occult and included a performative lecture by pioneering German electronic artist Felix Kubin; an opening performance by Chris Mann; a conversation between Kubin and Albert Glinsky (author of Theremin: Ether Music and Espionage) with a response from art historian Branden Joseph; sound walks; and a “screening” of selected radio plays by Kubin, Anna Friz and Gregory Whitehead.

To watch an excerpt of Kubin performing "Paralektronoia", click here.

We are now accepting rolling submissions for ((audience03)), our third selection of surround sound artworks to be presented in movie theaters in partnership with cultural organizations worldwide. Past programs have included works by Natasha Barrett, Felix Kubin, Pamela Z, Loud Objects, Demdike Stare, Philip Stearn, Clay Gold and Bryan Jacobs, among others.

We accept audio submissions from sound artists, musicians, composers, Foley artists, audio engineers and filmmakers. We consider form (technical proficiency, spatial experimentation, dynamic range), content (narrative coherence, integrity) and context and specifically seek works that play with the traditional idea of cinematic surround sound and that emphasize temporal, narrative or spatial experimentation.

Click here to view the work sample guidelines and the online submission form.

We recently launched Audience Editions, a publishing initiative which distributes surround sound compositions via limited-edition DVD releases accompanied by liner notes and critical texts.

New releases slated for 2015/2016 include:
C. Spencer Yeh
Michael Northam
Anna Friz and Emmanuel Madan

Audience Editions are available at Printed Matter in New York and from Electro-CD in Canada and by emailing us directly. They will soon be available via our online shop.


We hope to see you soon.


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