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Audience Convocations
2009-2011 // United States & Canada //
Audience Convocations

Surveying films like The Jazz Singer, Fantasia, Tommy, Star Wars, and Wild at Heart, Alexis Bhagat and Lauren Rosati talk about the history of sound at the movies and proposes the use of the cinema as a concert hall as a next evolutionary step.

Convocations were hosted in:

March 21 / SAT / Montreal, Canada
March 23 / Red House Arts Center / Syracuse, NY

May 16 / Megapolis / Baltimore, MD

April 3 / Goethe-Institut Wyoming Building / New York, NY
July 14 / Skylab Gallery / Columbus, OH

Bhagat and Rosati published a concise form of the convocation lecture in 2013 in the Sarai Reader 09. [pdf]