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Audience Editions
2013-2014 // New York //
Audience Editions

Audience Editions is a publishing initiative of ((audience)) which distributes surround sound compositions via limited-edition DVD releases accompanied by liner notes and critical texts.
AUD001: Macular Degeneration by Philip Stearns (black edition) August 2012
AUD002: Cricket, Tree, Crow by Stephanie Loveless, with a critical text by David Dunn

We are always seeking writers for the Editions project. If you may be interested in writing, please send us a message with the subject line “WRITER – LINER NOTES.” CVs are welcome but not required. Please also include a link to recent essays or your blog, or attach a recent piece of writing (from the past two years.)

Audience Editions are available in our shop, at Printed Matter in New York and from Electro-CD in Canada.