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Cinema for the Ear
2010-2015 // International //
Cinema for the Ear

The cornerstone of ((audience)) is Cinema for the Ear, a program of surround sound art works by international artists presented in movie theaters in the dark that explores the cinema as a twenty-first century concert hall. This immersive experience in cinematic audio is accompanied by curatorial lectures, performances, exhibitions, and screenings on a city-by-city basis. 

((audience01)) / 2010 included works by Jamie Allen (UK), Bryan Jacobs (US), Loud Objects (US), Simona Brinkmann (UK), Uli Schuster (Germany), Natasha Barrett (Norway), Cedric Maridet (Hong Kong), and Emmanuel Madan & Anna Friz (Canada). Duration: 125 minutes. 

((audience02)) / 2012 included works by Adrian Moore (UK), Anna Friz (Canada), Clay Gold (UK), Barry Schrader (US), Eric Chasalow (US), Felix Kubin (Germany), Gregory Whitehead (US), JG Thirlwell (US), and Phillip Stearns (US). Duration: 210 minutes.

((audience03)) / 2015 - Now accepting submissions. Click HERE for more information.