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2010 - 2012 //

Speakers was a radio program conceived as a site for wide-ranging conversations on sound, music and aural culture.

One - An interview with Maryanne Amacher by Greg Gangemi and with excerpts from Sound Generation.

Two - A conversation with R. Luke DuBois about his project a year in mp3s.

Three - A conversation with Stevphen Shukaitis, author of IMAGINAL MACHINES, and Erika Biddle. Also includes passages from the book read by Nandini Nessa and Alexis Bhagat, as well as selections from the IMAGINAL MACHINES soundtrack.

Four - A conversation with legendary composer Morton Subotnick on Buchla synthesizers. Produced in connection with "Source of Uncertainty" and in collaboration with Harvestworks and the River to River Festival 2012. Click here to listen.